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Consulting Arborists




Consulting Arborists are the preeminent authorities on matters related to trees - ensuring the safety, health, and preservation of trees in our natural surroundings




James P. Allen & Associates Consulting Arborists

James P. Allen & Associates is a full-service consulting firm located in Santa Cruz, California since 1976. We provide comprehensive, objective analysis of tree related matters for residential, commercial, and municipal clients.


Our firm is dedicated to the preservation and protection of trees as essential resources, providing objective, factual information (for all types of situations such as legal challenges or site development) based on decades of experience and scientific research, with respect for nature as well as what trees can mean to us as individuals and to our environment.


Our Mission: To provide the highest level of objective analysis through research and technology to ensure the longevity and prosperity for one of our most precious natural resource - our trees.

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